Duy Hoang

At Home and Around the World, Supporters Demand Justice for Vietnamese Blogger Dang Xuan Dieu

(Duy Hoang) - A grassroots campaign is underway in support of Dang Xuan Dieu, a blogger and community organizer held virtually incommunicado since 2011. Little was known about Dieu’s condition until a fellow inmate was released in early October. Speaking with Radio Free Asia, Truong Minh Tam recounted Dieu’s (...) (18/11/2014)

Rights before weapons for Vietnam

(Duy Hoang) - Earlier this month, Senator John McCain indicated that it was time for the United States to consider selling lethal weapons to Vietnam after a 30-year embargo. The recent maritime standoff between Beijing and Hanoi over Chinese oil exploration off the central coast of Vietnam exposed Hanoi’s (...) (21/08/2014)

Vietnamese Government ‘Opinion Shapers’ Target Activist Facebook Pages

(Duy Hoang) - In recent weeks, well-known Vietnamese activists have found themselves suddenly unable to log in to their Facebook accounts. Their personal pages have been suspended for “abuse” even though there was no apparent violation of any Facebook (...) (18/07/2014)

Letter to the Editor, Asia Times Online

(Duy Hoang) - Adam Boutzan provides Viet Tan a backhanded compliment by linking us to a purported Vietnamese government intelligence report about US peaceful evolution plots. (8/06/2012)

Vietnam to Target Social Media

(Duy Hoang) - For popular Western internet companies with large user bases in Vietnam, new online regulations could seriously test business practices and corporate consciences. Driven by worries of an Arab spring, the communist government in Hanoi is planning to introduce rules in June requiring Google, (...) (25/04/2012)

A sinking ship in Vietnam

(Duy Hoang) - Crony capitalism went on trial in Vietnam last week. However, the proceedings did little to quell public skepticism or address the underlying causes of a spectacular economic and political failure. (5/04/2012)

Vietnam: Bringing Facebook back

(Duy Hoang) - February 3, 2011 The Mubarak government this week pulled the plug on Egypt’s internet connections to the outside world in a desperate effort to stop popular opposition from boiling over. While the role of social media in catalyzing civic resistance is widely debated, most would agree that (...) (4/02/2011)

Free Blogger Dieu Cay

(Duy Hoang) - October 22, 2010 This article was originally posted on Global Voices Advocacy. Two and a half years ago, in April 2008, police in Vietnam arrested Nguyen Van Hai and detained him secretly for several weeks. Mr. Hai, now 58-years old, blogged under the nickname Dieu Cay which means “the peasant’s (...) (22/10/2010)

A Rights Agenda for Vietnam

(Duy Hoang) - The Wall Street Journal July 20, 2010, By Duy Hoang Hillary Clinton can use her visit to Hanoi this week to press for freedom. When U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in Hanoi on July 22 for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ Regional Forum, she will step into a dynamic (...) (21/07/2010)

Geneva Summit on Human Rights, Tolerance and Democracy

(Duy Hoang) - Digital Activism in Vietnam By Duy Hoang, spokesman of Viet Tan Geneva Summit on Human Rights, Tolerance and Democracy March 8-9, 2010 *** It is a pleasure to attend the Geneva Summit with so many dedicated human rights and democracy activists from around the world. I would like to share with (...) (9/03/2010)