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Vietnamese Land Activist Cấn Thị Thêu Has Braved Violence, Arrest and Prison

(Global Voices) This edited article by Giang Nguyễn is from Loa, an independent news website and podcast that broadcasts stories about Vietnam, and is republished by Global Voices as part of a content-sharing agreement. It tells the story of land rights activist Can Thi Theu, who was arrested last June for ‘causing public disorder’ during a demonstration. On September 20, she was sentenced to 20 months in (...) (28/09/2016)

Vietnam fishermen sue Taiwan firm over mass fish deaths

(AFP) - Hundreds of fishermen in central Vietnam have filed lawsuits demanding more compensation from a Taiwanese firm accused of dumping toxic waste in the ocean that killed tonnes of fish, activists said Tuesday. (27/09/2016)

Vietnam jails land activist a second time for ’public disorder’

(Reuters) - A court in Vietnam sentenced a land rights activist to 20 months in jail on Tuesday for causing public disorder, her lawyer said, jailing her for a second time over a similar offence in a case a top human rights group said should have been dropped. Can Thi Theu, 54, was found guilty at a (...) (20/09/2016)

Help Release Prisoner of Conscience With Tumor (Viet Nam: UA 284/15)

(Amnesty International) - Prisoner of conscience Trần Thị Thúy’s health has seriously deteriorated since being diagnosed with a tumour in April 2015. Prison authorities continue to deny her proper medical treatment unless she confesses to the crimes for which she was (...) (15/09/2016)

Viet Nam: Conviction of youth activists highlights authorities’ retrograde attitude to human rights

(Amnesty International) - The convictions of two young men - Nguyễn Hữu Quốc Duy and Nguyễn Hữu Thiên An - on charges of “conducting propaganda against the state” on 23 August 2016 highlight the failure of the authorities in Viet Nam to come to terms with the increased willingness of people in Viet Nam to express (...) (30/08/2016)

Ian Britza Calls for Release of Land Rights Activist Can Thi Theu

(Ian Britza) - Member of Western Australian Parliament Ian Britza wrote to the Prime Minister of Vietnam calling for the release of prominent land rights activist Can Thi Theu. (15/08/2016)

Three Things You Need To Know about the South China Sea Verdict

(Loa) - It looks like China is in hot waters, as far as its patrols and military buildup in the South China Sea are concerned. This is the area China has delineated by a nine-dash line across much of the South China Sea. If you’ve seen it on a map, it looks like the letter “U” or a tongue sticking out (...) (4/08/2016)

Physical attack on human rights defender Mr To Oanh

(Front Line Defenders) - On 13 July as To Oanh and his wife were travelling by motorbike in Soc Sen district, Hanoi, they were followed by two unidentified men on motorbike who attacked the couple in a remote area. (17/07/2016)

Australian Member of Parliament Raises Vietnam Human Rights Cases to Foreign Minister

(Chris Hayes) - Australian Member of Parliament and Federal Opposition Whip Chris Hayes wrote a letter to the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop regarding several cases of prisoners of conscience and former political prisoners who have been harassed and intimidated by authorities in prison and following their (...) (1/07/2016)

Taiwan activists press Formosa Plastics over dead fish in Vietnam

(Reuters) - Activists in Taiwan called on the island’s largest industrial group, Formosa Plastics, to investigate recent mass fish deaths in Vietnam, near where the company has a steel plant. The deaths in April of fish in Vietnam’s Ha Tinh province, where the Taiwan group’s $10.6 billion steel plant is (...) (18/06/2016)