Viet Tan in the News

Viet Tan in the News

Obama urged to seek freedom for activists on Vietnam visit

(AP) WASHINGTON (AP) — An international coalition of human rights groups on Tuesday urged President Barack Obama to seek freedom for imprisoned activists when he visits Vietnam next month. The coalition of 19 groups also wants Obama to tell Vietnam’s authoritarian government that its repression of human rights endangers its participation in the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact, (...) (28/04/2016)

19 Rights Organisations Urge Obama to Raise Human Rights Issues with Vietnam

(Human Rights Organizations) - Dear President Obama, We represent a broad, international coalition of human rights organizations, brought together by our common concern over Vietnam’s continued repression of its citizens’ fundamental human rights. In advance of your upcoming visit to Vietnam, we write to raise issues of (...) (27/04/2016)

Interview: Vietnam’s ’Other’ Political Party

(The Diplomat) - The Diplomat talks with the spokesman of Vietnam’s most prominent sanctioned political party about the country’s politics. Duy Hoang is the U.S.-based spokesman for Viet Tan, the country’s most prominent unsanctioned political party which claims thousands of members inside Vietnam and among the (...) (8/04/2016)

Political Prisoner Confronted With Difficult Choice

(Loa) - “Go home and alert the human rights organizations, the United Nations, and Vietnamese abroad to please do their best to take care of me. Even if I die in prison, I will never plead guilty to the Communist party because I did things for the people and for the country, to take care of the people (...) (9/02/2016)

Burmese and Vietnamese Pro-democracy and Civil Society Organizations Call for Nguyen Van Dai’s Release

(International Organizations) - In the spirit of regional solidarity, Burmese and Vietnamese pro-democracy and civil society organizations have come together to call for the immediate release of prominent human rights lawyer and blogger Nguyen Van Dai and his colleague Le Thu (...) (22/01/2016)

Chris Hayes writes to Australian ambassador regarding recent harassment

(Chris Hayes) - Australian Member of Parliament and Chief Opposition Whip Chris Hayes recently wrote to the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, Hugh Barrowman, regarding the ongoing harassment of Tran Minh Nhat. Nhat was released from prison in August, 2015 and has faced threats, intimidation and physical (...) (19/01/2016)

171 Companies, Organizations, and Individuals from 39 Countries Ask World Leaders to Support Strong Encryption

(Viet Tan) - Washington D.C. (January 11, 2016) — Today Viet Tan joined 171 experts, companies, and organizations in more than 39 countries in asking world leaders to support strong encryption and to reject any law, policy, or mandate that would undermine digital security. The letter is now open to public (...) (12/01/2016)

Viet Activist’s Harassment Continues After Leaving Prison

(Asia Sentinel) - Although Tran Minh Nhat, a former prisoner of conscience who was freed last month after four years in prison, it appears authorities are not letting up on him, he says. In an email to Asia Sentinel, Nhat said that although he was able to spend Christmas and New Year with his family, he and (...) (5/01/2016)

Swiss Elected Representatives Call for the Release of Nguyen Van Dai

(Swiss Elected Representatives) - Dear Federal Councillor Burkhalter, We write to express our strong concerns regarding the arrest of Vietnamese human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai, the founder and an active member of the Vietnam Human Rights Center. He was brutally arrested by police on December 16 after returning from a human (...) (2/01/2016)

Denied medical treatment unless she "confesses"

(Amnesty International) - Prisoner of conscience Tran Thi Thuy, currently serving an eight year sentence in Viet Nam, is being denied medical treatment for a tumour on her uterus in circumstances that could amount to torture. Although diagnosed by a prison doctor and despite being in severe pain, she has been told she (...) (12/12/2015)