Viet Tan in the News

Viet Tan in the News

Towards a Free Media in Vietnam

(International Human Rights Organizations) In marking World Press Freedom Day, join bloggers from Vietnam and other experts working to expand freedom of expression for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities in promoting a free media in Vietnam. (11/04/2014)

Defending freedom of information in Vietnam at the UN

(Reporters Without Borders) - Reporters Without Borders participated in a series of meetings and conferences on Vietnam on 3 and 4 February ahead of Vietnam’s Universal Periodic Review (an examination of its human rights performance) by the United Nations Human Rights Council in (...) (8/02/2014)

Vietnamese Writer Prevented from Going to Geneva Rights Meeting

(Radio Free Asia) - A Vietnamese writer critical of government corruption and the lack of freedom in his country has been prevented by authorities from traveling to attend a conference in Geneva on the sidelines of a quadrennial U.N. review of Vietnam’s human rights record, rights groups said (...) (3/02/2014)

Meeting at the highest level in Geneva

(Tang Nguyen Luy) - The Chairman of Viet Tan visits Geneva and meets with members of Parliament and COSUNAM. (27/01/2014)

Appeal Against UNHRC Candidacies of Algeria, China Cuba, Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam

(UN Watch) - Joint appeal to U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power and EU foreign affairs commissioner Catherine Ashton. Excellency, We, the undersigned members of parliament, human rights activists and non-governmental organizations, call on you to publicly oppose the candidacies of Algeria, China, Cuba, (...) (6/11/2013)

‘The Civil Disobedience of the 21st Century’: How Vietnamese Bloggers Evade Controls

(Time) - Being a dissident in Vietnam has always been a dangerous business, and it’s getting more so. Ranked as the world’s 8th worst country for online freedom in 2012 by Freedom House, Vietnam has seen over 50 bloggers and activists arrested already this year, according to Human Rights Watch (...) (1/10/2013)

LGBT Rights Blossom in Repressive Vietnam, but No Sign of Further Freedoms

(Time) - “Hanoi has incentives to be open on a social issue that is decidedly apolitical — this burnishes their international reputation on human rights at a low cost,” says Nguyen Trinh, organizer of banned pro-democracy party Viet Tan. Trinh believes the softening stance is part of a concerted ploy for (...) (6/08/2013)

Vietnamese Americans agitate for human rights in their homeland

(Los Angeles Times) - Until Communist captors locked his dad in a 9-by-9-foot jail cell, Khoa Nguyen did not fully appreciate the battle his father was fighting. As a boy, he remembered him talking about the struggles in his homeland, the basic human rights he believed his countrymen in Vietnam had been denied. (...) (28/07/2013)

Net Savvy Activists Keep Vietnamese Bloggers One Step Ahead of Authorities

(PRI’s The World) - Thursday, President Barack Obama meets with Vietnamese president Truong Tan Sang in Washington. On the US agenda: human rights in Vietnam, especially the government’s crackdown on dissident bloggers. Press watchdog groups estimate Vietnam has imprisoned 35 bloggers, one of the worst records in (...) (26/07/2013)

Vietnam’s Careful Steps (video interview)

(Huffington Post) - This morning, Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang visited the White House to discuss trade. President Obama has promised to push a human rights agenda. Viet Tan’s spokesperson speaks with the Huffington Post about the murkier side of Vietnam’s (...) (26/07/2013)