Female POC Nguyễn Đặng Minh Mẫn beaten and held in solitary confinement in prison

The 88 Project

The 88 Project, March 13, 2017: “My daughter Minh Mẫn was beaten and wounded in prison, and she was held in solitary confinement in a stinky cell for 10 days.” Mrs. Đặng Ngọc Minh, mother of Minh Mẫn, shared in an interview with SBTN. (21/03/2017)

Vietnam Today

Viet Nam: Three human rights defenders held incommunicado

(Amnesty International) - Within 10 days of each other, three unassociated Vietnamese human rights defenders were arrested in January and are currently being held in incommunicado pre-trial detention. With no access to lawyers, they are at risk of torture and other (...)

Viet Tan in the News

“A prison within a prison within a prison”

(New Mandala) - Exiled dissident Dang Xuan Dieu recounts the horror of his imprisonment in Vietnam to Mong Palatino. I first learned about the case of Vietnamese activist Dang Xuan Dieu in 2014. His friends and supporters were appealing for global support after they learned that Dieu was being mistreated in (...)