Human rights abuses in Vietnam make TPP unacceptable

Chris Smith & Zoe Lofgren

Among the potential partners in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Vietnam is the only country that bans independent labor unions and religious groups. It’s the only country considered one of the world’s worst violators of Internet freedom. It harbors severe child labor and forced labor violators, and regularly jails and tortures dissidents who speak out for human rights, political inclusion (...) (17/05/2015)

Vietnam Today

Obama denounces attacks on press freedom

(AFP) - US President Barack Obama on Friday denounced attacks against media around the world, receiving three journalists from countries that "severely restrict" freedom of the press. Obama’s comments come two days after a report by the human rights group Freedom House said that press freedom around (...)

Viet Tan in the News

Vietnamese use ’40 years too many’ tag to call for end to communism

(Al Jazeera) - Some Vietnamese citizens are tagging the country with "40 years too many" to call for an end to communist rule. April 30 marks four decades since the Viet Cong reclaimed Saigon and communism was established. Many are posting signs throughout Vietnam with ‪#‎40NămQuáĐủ ‬ ("40 years too many") to say (...)