Catholic Youth Activists Released After 4-Year Sentences in Vietnam

Radio Free Asia

Two Catholic youth activists released from prison this week after serving four years on charges of attempting to overthrow Vietnam’s communist government said Thursday they refused to accept their convictions and vowed to continue their activism. (28/08/2015)

Vietnam Today

Hell Behind Prison Walls

(LOA) - When Vietnamese youth around the world came together to record the song Phải Lên Tiếng (Speak Up Now), the young man who wrote the lyrics, was already behind bars. Paulus Lê Văn Sơn did not know the song was written using words from his (...)

Viet Tan in the News

Vietnamese Rapper Nah’s Not-So-Veiled Regime Critique

(The Diplomat) - A deadpan rap by a young Ho Chi Minh City-ite Nah has clocked up over 900,000 YouTube views since it was released early this year. The rapper has since been interviewed by the BBC and Global Post, among others. Why? Possibly because the chorus is dit me cong san or, roughly, “f*ck (...)