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Guest Forum

Time for the US to Get Tough on Vietnam

(Khanh Vu Duc) The United States’ engagement with Vietnam is, in large part, a failure. Hanoi continues to ply benefits from the US while offering little in return. It is time for the US to demand what kind of relationship Hanoi is seeking with Washington. (2/07/2014)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Must Safeguard Human Rights

(Jared Genser) - For the Obama administration, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a high-profile opportunity to bolster the administration’s legacy and strengthen its “pivot to Asia.” The TPP, potentially the world’s largest free trade agreement, would impact 40 percent of global GDP and a third of its trade. In (...) (16/04/2014)

Why there is no democracy and human rights in Vietnam?

(Dang Xuong Hung) - Distinguished Guests and Members of UN Watch, My name is Dang Xuong Hung. I am the ex consulate of Vietnam in Geneva (2008-2012), the ex Deputy Director in the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Vietnam who has denounced the Vietnamese Communist Party and its government from 18th October 2013. My (...) (3/03/2014)

Vietnam’s Angry Feet

(Tuong Lai) - Saigon, Vietnam — LAST month, Vietnamese courts imposed heavy sentences on two patriotic students in their early 20s who had been charged with “speaking ill of China.” These charges touched the most sensitive nerve in the nation’s psyche — our patriotism and spirit of nationalism — and publicly (...) (10/06/2013)

Visiting colleagues in Vietnam

(Maartje Duin) - In Vietnam, critical writers and bloggers are systematically persecuted. Following the PEN Cards Promo, Maartje Duin went to Vietnam to interview them. In November I received a strictly confidential mail with strict instructions from PEN Netherlands.The organization is part of PEN (...) (21/04/2013)

The U.S. shouldn’t sell out human rights in Vietnam

(Allen S. Weiner) - U.S. officials should demand that Vietnam can start by releasing the activists arrested last year and others who have been detained solely for seeking a voice in their country’s future. The United States should not reward Vietnam by including it in the Trans-Pacific Partnership while the (...) (26/08/2012)

Vietnam’s Not-So-Rare Protests

(David Brown) - For every blogger who is put out of action, several more spring up. Vietnam’s historically tiny band of human rights activists has been able to argue the case for civil and political freedoms to any citizen with a dial-up internet connection — by a recent count, more than a third of Vietnam’s 90 (...) (6/08/2012)

Vietnam’s blog shame

(Kamila Shamsie) - Ta Phong Tan remains in prison, and it’s unclear if she has been informed of her mother’s death. Surely it’s past time for the individuals, organisations and governments who speak out against repression in China and Iran to add their voices to the (...) (5/08/2012)

Easy Part Over for Vietnam

(The Diplomat) - The optimism during Vietnam’s pre-2008 economic boom is over. The Communist Party knows it must take action. But it doesn’t seem to know what. (11/06/2012)

Will Vietnam Follow Myanmar’s Path Toward Reform?

(Loc Doan) - The intellectual battle over the future of American hegemony has been joined, with some arguing that the American Century has ended, and others claiming that U.S. military and economic advantage are likely to persist. The debate is complicated by a number of factors, however. Shifts in hegemony (...) (10/03/2012)