A thank you letter from former prisoner of conscience Paulus Le Son

Paulus Le Son

My name is Le Van Son and I am a blogger and former prisoner of conscience. I was unjustly sentenced to four years in prison by the Vietnamese Communist Party, together with 14 other Catholic youth. We assert that we have acted in accordance with our beliefs of peace, freedom, democracy and compassion for the people of (...) (15/09/2015)

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20 Years On: How Vietnamese View U.S.-Vietnam Relations

(Viet Tan Alert) - How do politically attuned Vietnamese view General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s upcoming visit and the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relationship? Viet Tan brings you the latest analysis and key findings of a poll on the eve of the Communist Party chief’s visit to the United (...)

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Vietnam: A not so happy anniversary

(Graham Cooke) - The Australian Navy’s treatment of 46 Vietnamese asylum seekers in sending them back to their home country last month after a hurried on-sea ‘assessment’ process, was without any real attempt to discover why the people were leaving and what would happen to them when they were (...)