Hanoi resorts to fear tactics against Viet Tan’s pro-democracy efforts

Viet Tan

Viet Tan is a pro-democracy organization working to promote social justice and human rights through nonviolent means. Our members inside Vietnam and around the world have worked with non-governmental organizations, elected officials, and civil society to increase political space for the Vietnamese people. (7/10/2016)

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Six Months After Massive Fish Kill in Central Vietnam, Thousands Protest Lack of Aid

(Don Le) - Around 10,000 to 15,000 people joined a non-violent protest outside the steel plant of a company accused of polluting a waterway that triggered a massive fish kill off Vietnam’s central coast.

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Speech by Catholic Priest Dang Huu Nam regarding the Formosa environmental disaster

(Dang Huu Nam) - A Catholic Priest from one of the affected areas in Vietnam, Reverend Dang Huu Nam, pre-recorded his speech as he was prevented from attending the press conference in Taipei.