The Ugly Thugs Running Vietnam Aren’t Experimenting With Democracy

Thomas A. Bass

Vietnam is a moiré pattern: Squint at the country one way and you get an aspirational society zooming into the future. Squint another way, and you get an old-fashioned jailer of anyone who refuses to toe the party line. The sunshine lobby focuses on Vietnam’s lovely beaches, food, and allure as a tourist destination. Human rights reporters focus on patterns of (...) (23/01/2016)

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PBS Ombudsman addresses holes in “Terror in Little Saigon”

(Duy Hoang) - The good news is that Getler, who serves as an independent internal critic within PBS, has publicly responded and his comments cast serious doubt on the investigative practices in “Terror”. The response is very long as it summarizes the controversy around the report. Getler acknowledges the (...)

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A thank you letter from former prisoner of conscience Paulus Le Son

(Paulus Le Son) - My name is Le Van Son and I am a blogger and former prisoner of conscience. I was unjustly sentenced to four years in prison by the Vietnamese Communist Party, together with 14 other Catholic youth. We assert that we have acted in accordance with our beliefs of peace, freedom, democracy and (...)