20 Years On: How Vietnamese View U.S.-Vietnam Relations

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How do politically attuned Vietnamese view General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s upcoming visit and the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relationship? Viet Tan brings you the latest analysis and key findings of a poll on the eve of the Communist Party chief’s visit to the United States. (2/07/2015)

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Testimony on Vietnam’s Prisoners of Conscience before Canada’s House of Commons

(Trinh Nguyen) - Appearing before the Canadian House of Commons, Trinh Nguyen - along with human rights activist Truong Minh Tam and Reverend Nguyen Manh Hung - raise the case of three imprisoned human rights defenders in Vietnam.

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Vietnam: A not so happy anniversary

(Graham Cooke) - The Australian Navy’s treatment of 46 Vietnamese asylum seekers in sending them back to their home country last month after a hurried on-sea ‘assessment’ process, was without any real attempt to discover why the people were leaving and what would happen to them when they were (...)