Trans-Pacific Partnership Must Safeguard Human Rights

Jared Genser

For the Obama administration, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a high-profile opportunity to bolster the administration’s legacy and strengthen its “pivot to Asia.” The TPP, potentially the world’s largest free trade agreement, would impact 40 percent of global GDP and a third of its trade. In addition to eliminating tariffs, it would harmonize regulatory standards, including those related to the (...) (16/04/2014)

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A Referendum on Vietnam’s Constitution or the Communist Party?

(Viet Tan) - The Vietnamese Communist Party has a lot riding on its project to renew the country’s constitution. Beset by political and economic stagnation, the communist leadership launched a constitution revision process in January 2013 as a means to shore up popular support and increase the state’s (...)

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Why there is no democracy and human rights in Vietnam?

(Dang Xuong Hung) - Distinguished Guests and Members of UN Watch, My name is Dang Xuong Hung. I am the ex consulate of Vietnam in Geneva (2008-2012), the ex Deputy Director in the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Vietnam who has denounced the Vietnamese Communist Party and its government from 18th October 2013. My (...)