Articles & Speeches

Articles & Speeches

Rights before weapons for Vietnam

(Duy Hoang) Earlier this month, Senator John McCain indicated that it was time for the United States to consider selling lethal weapons to Vietnam after a 30-year embargo. The recent maritime standoff between Beijing and Hanoi over Chinese oil exploration off the central coast of Vietnam exposed Hanoi’s many strategic (...) (21/08/2014)

Vietnamese Government ‘Opinion Shapers’ Target Activist Facebook Pages

(Duy Hoang) - In recent weeks, well-known Vietnamese activists have found themselves suddenly unable to log in to their Facebook accounts. Their personal pages have been suspended for “abuse” even though there was no apparent violation of any Facebook (...) (18/07/2014)

A Referendum on Vietnam’s Constitution or the Communist Party?

(Viet Tan) - The Vietnamese Communist Party has a lot riding on its project to renew the country’s constitution. Beset by political and economic stagnation, the communist leadership launched a constitution revision process in January 2013 as a means to shore up popular support and increase the state’s (...) (4/06/2013)

Training Program on Nonviolent Civic Action

(Viet Tan) - Herein are the curriculum for our training programs, adapted and localized from leading institutions and experts dedicated to the use of nonviolent tactics (CANVAS, Gene Sharp, ICNC) and digital security (Tactical Tech Collective, and Front Line (...) (7/05/2013)

Internet Watchdogs on the Region

(Do Hoang Diem) - Appearing at the East-West Center’s 3rd International Media Conference (IMC) in Seoul, South Korea, Viet Tan’s Chairman spoke on the panel "Internet Watchdogs on the Region." IMC 2012 brought together over 300 media professionals from 30 countries to discuss the common challenges and trends in (...) (24/06/2012)

Viet Tan members to speak at International Media Conference in Seoul, Korea

(Viet Tan) - Taking place June 22-24, 2012 at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, this year’s conference will gather over 300 journalists and media professionals from close to 30 countries to discuss key issues in the region and common challenges and trends in news and journalism through the prism of (...) (17/06/2012)

Letter to the Editor, Asia Times Online

(Duy Hoang) - Adam Boutzan provides Viet Tan a backhanded compliment by linking us to a purported Vietnamese government intelligence report about US peaceful evolution plots. (8/06/2012)

Testimony before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, United States House of Representatives

(Mai Huong Ngo) - Ms. Mai Huong Ngo is a writer and mother of two sons living in California. A native of Vietnam, she came to the United States as a boat person in 1984. She has published several collections of Vietnamese poems and short stories. She is the wife of imprisoned democracy activist, Dr. Nguyen Quoc (...) (15/05/2012)

Vietnam to Target Social Media

(Duy Hoang) - For popular Western internet companies with large user bases in Vietnam, new online regulations could seriously test business practices and corporate consciences. Driven by worries of an Arab spring, the communist government in Hanoi is planning to introduce rules in June requiring Google, (...) (25/04/2012)

Vietnamese authorities mandate Google, Facebook and other Internet companies to assist in online censorship

(Viet Tan Briefing) - The Government of Vietnam is updating its Internet management policies with grave implications for netizens in Vietnam and the foreign and domestic companies that provide Internet services to the country’s 30 million netizens. (11/04/2012)