Articles & Speeches

Articles & Speeches

Vietnamese Have High Expectations for Obama Visit

(Viet Tan Alert) An overwhelming majority of Vietnamese said they are eager to welcome President Obama when he arrives in Vietnam later this month. President Obama is scheduled to make his first visit to Vietnam later this month amidst a growing wave of political convictions and civic action by many Vietnamese. (6/05/2016)

New Access to Information Law Restricts Access to Information

(Viet Tan Alert) - Citing national security, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s National Assembly has issued legislation limiting the right to access information. The legislation will allow authorities to penalize activists and citizen journalists found sharing public information deemed critical of the (...) (18/04/2016)

No Trade Without Freedom of Information

(Duy Hoang & Christophe Deloire) - President Obama is set to host the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Sunnylands, California February 15 and 16. Many countries in attendance, including Vietnam, have signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on February 4. Now that the TPP is sure to be a hot (...) (13/02/2016)

PBS Ombudsman addresses holes in “Terror in Little Saigon”

(Duy Hoang) - The good news is that Getler, who serves as an independent internal critic within PBS, has publicly responded and his comments cast serious doubt on the investigative practices in “Terror”. The response is very long as it summarizes the controversy around the report. Getler acknowledges the (...) (24/11/2015)

Misguided: Frontline’s “Terror in Little Saigon”

(Trinh Nguyen) - I am writing to Frontline’s editorial staff now because I’d like to point out some serious concerns about the narrative of this broadcast. This is based on my conversation with AC and my understanding that this piece will point to the supposed evidence that links “the Front” to attacks on (...) (1/11/2015)

20 Years On: How Vietnamese View U.S.-Vietnam Relations

(Viet Tan Alert) - How do politically attuned Vietnamese view General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s upcoming visit and the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relationship? Viet Tan brings you the latest analysis and key findings of a poll on the eve of the Communist Party chief’s visit to the United (...) (2/07/2015)

Testimony on Vietnam’s Prisoners of Conscience before Canada’s House of Commons

(Trinh Nguyen) - Appearing before the Canadian House of Commons, Trinh Nguyen - along with human rights activist Truong Minh Tam and Reverend Nguyen Manh Hung - raise the case of three imprisoned human rights defenders in Vietnam. (29/05/2015)

40 years on, the journey for freedom continues

(Phong Nguyen & Don Le) - Economic liberalisation doesn’t mean political reform, which is why Vietnamese refugees are still seeking freedom and democracy despite the war ending four decades ago, write Phong Nguyen and Don Le. (30/04/2015)

Testimony Regarding the Human Rights Situation in Vietnam in Canada’s House of Commons

(Do Hoang Diem) - Viet Tan’s Chairman appeared as a witness before Canada’s Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development regarding the human rights situation in Vietnam. (22/04/2015)

Hanoi’s "No Exit" Policy

(Viet Tan Alert) - Despite the Vietnamese constitution guaranteeing freedom of movement, authorities routinely confiscate passports, detain passengers at the airport for questioning, and employ “blacklists” against bloggers and human rights defenders. (16/04/2015)