Articles & Speeches

Articles & Speeches

20 Years On: How Vietnamese View U.S.-Vietnam Relations

(Viet Tan Alert) How do politically attuned Vietnamese view General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s upcoming visit and the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relationship? Viet Tan brings you the latest analysis and key findings of a poll on the eve of the Communist Party chief’s visit to the United States. (2/07/2015)

Testimony on Vietnam’s Prisoners of Conscience before Canada’s House of Commons

(Trinh Nguyen) - Appearing before the Canadian House of Commons, Trinh Nguyen - along with human rights activist Truong Minh Tam and Reverend Nguyen Manh Hung - raise the case of three imprisoned human rights defenders in Vietnam. (29/05/2015)

40 years on, the journey for freedom continues

(Phong Nguyen & Don Le) - Economic liberalisation doesn’t mean political reform, which is why Vietnamese refugees are still seeking freedom and democracy despite the war ending four decades ago, write Phong Nguyen and Don Le. (30/04/2015)

Testimony Regarding the Human Rights Situation in Vietnam in Canada’s House of Commons

(Do Hoang Diem) - Viet Tan’s Chairman appeared as a witness before Canada’s Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development regarding the human rights situation in Vietnam. (22/04/2015)

Hanoi’s "No Exit" Policy

(Viet Tan Alert) - Despite the Vietnamese constitution guaranteeing freedom of movement, authorities routinely confiscate passports, detain passengers at the airport for questioning, and employ “blacklists” against bloggers and human rights defenders. (16/04/2015)

Vietnam’s Social Media Landscape

(Viet Tan) - Rapid adoption of connectivity has provided unique challenges for the Vietnamese government, resulting in repressive technical measures and the haphazard application of restrictive laws. This paper analyzes how social media is changing Vietnam and offers recommendations to further its positive (...) (20/03/2015)

The Prospect for Democracy and Human Rights in Vietnam

(Do Hoang Diem) - Viet Tan’s Chairman appeared as a keynote speaker at a Parliamentary briefing on the democracy and human rights movement in Vietnam hosted by Wayne Marston M.P., Official Opposition of Canada’s Critic for Human Rights. (20/11/2014)

At Home and Around the World, Supporters Demand Justice for Vietnamese Blogger Dang Xuan Dieu

(Duy Hoang) - A grassroots campaign is underway in support of Dang Xuan Dieu, a blogger and community organizer held virtually incommunicado since 2011. Little was known about Dieu’s condition until a fellow inmate was released in early October. Speaking with Radio Free Asia, Truong Minh Tam recounted Dieu’s (...) (18/11/2014)

Rights before weapons for Vietnam

(Duy Hoang) - Earlier this month, Senator John McCain indicated that it was time for the United States to consider selling lethal weapons to Vietnam after a 30-year embargo. The recent maritime standoff between Beijing and Hanoi over Chinese oil exploration off the central coast of Vietnam exposed Hanoi’s (...) (21/08/2014)

Vietnamese Government ‘Opinion Shapers’ Target Activist Facebook Pages

(Duy Hoang) - In recent weeks, well-known Vietnamese activists have found themselves suddenly unable to log in to their Facebook accounts. Their personal pages have been suspended for “abuse” even though there was no apparent violation of any Facebook (...) (18/07/2014)